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Equal pay day is on April 2nd and reminds us that women need to be equipped with negotiation strategies that will help them increase their earnings potential. During this session we will provide techniques that will help you to navigate negotiad salary.

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August 13, 2020 at 1PM - 2:30PM EDT
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Keynote: How to Make The Leap From Corporate Leader to Entrepreneur

Deb Boulanger, CEO of The Great Do-Over, host of the Life After Corporate podcast, and founder of the Launch Lab for women entrepreneurs

Are you feeling the pull of entrepreneurship? More women than ever are leaving their corporate jobs at the peak of their careers as a way of closing the equality gap by taking control of how they earn money. Starting your own business holds the promise of more freedom, a schedule you control, and an unlimited ceiling on what you can earn.

According to the American Express report on women owned businesses in 2019, 1,871 new businesses are launched by women each day. Unfortunately, 75% of those initiatives will fail. 

In this highly interactive session, Deb Boulanger will share with you the three most critical steps you must master to replace (and grow) your income.

You will learn how to:

  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded market and create solutions people will buy.
  • Discover what steps to take to test your big idea before you leave your paycheck behind.
  • Determine your prices based on value.

By the end of this session, you will know what to do to validate that you CAN make money at your business idea, so you can walk away from your paycheck with confidence and not be afraid you'll fail.

While we can't replace the connections offered through our in-person events, these virtual events will help to build community and conversation. These events are not your typical webinar! Each event will provide you with opportunities for networking, sharing your ask, and will expose you to a group of like-minded women who will offer support, motivation and inspiration. 

Hosted through Zoom meetings, many participants join us with video on (although this is not required) and engage with the keynote speaker during the presentation. A portion of the meeting time is spent in small groups (4 to 6 women) for discussion and networking.

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