April 1, 2020 AT 1PM EDT / 10AM PDT

Equal pay day is on April 2nd and reminds us that women need to be equipped with negotiation strategies that will help them increase their earnings potential. During this session we will provide techniques that will help you to navigate negotiad salary.

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Given the current issues we are seeing in the midst of Coronavirus, the content for April eChapter has been shifted to reflect trends, questions, and concerns that are timely and relevant. 

As the country has shifted to a place of isolation and shutdown, everybody is facing new, unprecedented challenges. Whether you are a business owner having to shift your business model or close your doors for an unknown period, a professional trying to navigate a new work-from-home scenario, or an employee faced with the uncertainty of future employment, the next few months will bring change, complexity, and many emotional responses. We’re all facing these issues without the in-person community that usually offers so much support. 

eChapter has always been focused on building community and connection in a virtual setting – and this month is no different! This month, eChapter will benefit anyone feeling isolated or fearful about their business and/or job who wants some guidance on moving forward. 

During this eChapter session, we will discuss some of the common challenges currently facing employers and employees, including:

  • Business Owners: Choosing to close your business versus shifting your model | Understanding regulations around layoffs and employment

  • Unemployment: Legal protections | Navigating the process

  • Job search: Getting started now | Innovation and possibility

Members will have an opportunity to request and offer help during this session via live chat. If you need help troubleshooting a problem, want to offer your services, or have something you can offer other members, be sure to join us live on Wednesday, April 1 and let us know!

Hosted by:


Tanya Memme | Award Winning TV Host, Founder of Life Masters
Talkshow/Podcast, and Inspirational Speaker






4.1.20 Belma

Belma McCaffrey | CEO and Founder of Work Bigger





4.1.20 panel 2

Sara Wyn Kane | Founding Member and Partner at Valli Kane & Vagnini LLP




The eChapter platform provides members an opportunity to connect, learn from, and share experiences with women around the world who are recognized experts. These virtual sessions are hosted on the Zoom platform. All live-attendees are able to contribute to the conversation, ask questions, and engage with the panelists and other members via live chat. 

These sessions are recorded and a replay is available. 

If you are interested in joining us as a panelist for an upcoming event, please contact Marie Bartolotti at localchaptersoffice@iawomen.com.

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