Which of these BEST describes your professional status?

Woman business owner with text overlay saying Entrepreneur I am a business owner I am a business owner I am a business owner I am a business owner 

Can't pick just one? We know many women wear many different hats! Select the item that describes your primary professional status. You will have an opportunity to share additional details later in the assessment.


  • Dreaming of becoming your own boss
  • Launching a new venture
  • Ready to scale your business to the next level
  • Successfully managing a large enterprise

Select Entrepreneur

Full Time Employee

  • Starting your career
  • Planning for your next promotion
  • Leading a team
  • Breaking the glass ceiling

Select Full Time Employee

Non Profit Management

  • Planning a new non profit
  • Launching a non profit
  • Managing an established non profit
  • Supporting a non profit

Select Non Profit Management

Part Time Employee

  • Planning your career
  • Exploring new sources of income
  • Recovering post-pandemic

Select Part Time Employee

Searching For A Job

    • Currently unemployed
    • Exploring new sources of income
    • Seeking new opportunities

Select Searching For A Job