Pillar Pod sign-up is now closed. We'll announce the next round of pods soon!


As we head into fall, many routines are being reestablished and goals are getting refreshed. One of the best ways to establish a routine and stay on track with your goals is to pair up with an accountability partner. We'd love to support your success with a new accountability program. 

During the month of September we are piloting a new program called Pillar Pods. The goal is to group IAW members into accountability groups (pods) that will have frequent touch points throughout the month. 

  • Sign up for a pod by September 5th by submitting the form below. 
  • Select one pillar so that you'll be paired up with others working on similar goals.
  • Pods will start on September 7th. You'll receive an email with your pod information, suggested format and tips. We'll also host an optional kickoff call on September 7th at 8pm ET.
  • Check-in with your pod every Monday and Friday. We will check in with you via email and live chats throughout the month to help answer questions, support your pods, and share tips for success. 
  • Program will end on Friday October 1st and we will invite you to participate in a survey to provide feedback.

These groups are restricted to IAW members with an active membership on file. Join now to gain access to this program.