IAW Southern Region Networking Event

Equal pay day is on April 2nd and reminds us that women need to be equipped with negotiation strategies that will help them increase their earnings potential. During this session we will provide techniques that will help you to navigate negotiad salary.

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Join us for inspiration, networking and fun!

September 23, 2020 at 6PM - 7:30PM EDT
Featuring Local Chapters in the Southern Region

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Keynote presented by Jennifer C. Foxworthy, MSW, MSM, DTM

Join us for this visual presentation about overcoming adversity.  Using a large pot, utensils, spices, and a lemon, Jennifer demonstrates how we have all the characteristics and resources needed to overcome adversity.  





*Gain an understanding of belief, morals, and attitudes

*Gain an understanding of how negative attitudes can deter growth

*Develop and implement positive techniques and strategies to overcome adversity

*Empower audience to make healthy changes for a better life


While we can't replace the connections offered through our in-person events, these virtual events will help to build community and conversation. These events are not your typical webinar! Each event will provide you with opportunities for networking with IAW local chapter groups and will connect you to a group of like-minded women who will offer support, motivation and inspiration. 

Hosted through Zoom meetings, many participants join us with video on (although this is not required) and engage with the keynote speaker during the presentation. A portion of the meeting time is spent in breakout rooms for discussion and networking.

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